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In my 17 years of existence I've done many things. I've played many games. I've played everything from N++ to Mario, Kingdom Hearts to Undertale, Amnesia to Outlast, Sakura We Have No More Ways To Disguse It It's Just Porn Now to Hatoful Boyfriend, and never have I played a game with such a compelling story, incredible graphics, and brilliant soundtrack. This game brings me to climax merely thinking of it. Harambe would be proud, son.

2/10 "You didn't pay us."


*deletes comment*

The Legend Of Bob is a game about Bob trying to save the princess, this game has multiple levels which really show you what it means to be Bob, there's maze exploration, platforming and villain bashing, it's truly extraordinary and the boss battle is something you need to witness yourself.

The Legend Of Bob, think like Bob, act like Bob, Be Bob.

Rating 9/10